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Caleb Plant - True Champion !

Caleb Plant has felt defeat inside and out of the ring. The man is a "Peoples Champion" for sure to say the least. Caleb is true to who he is and does not change for anyone even for an instant.

He did at one time and the loss was the greatest loss a man, a champion a father could ever have. He lost a child, his very own flesh and blood. He did not campaign on that storyline, he came at Canelo Alvarez with everything he had in his heart. This is a great man, a real life champion and role model in boxing for the ages !

FIGHT.TV wants to let the world know what type of REAL WORLD / LIFE CHAMPION was in the ring that night fighting for more than money !

"I promised my daughter that I would be a champion, but I know she must be proud of me because I stand in the ring against one of the best in the world"


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