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Callum Smith Reflects on Beterbiev Defeat

Callum Smith is taking time to reflect on his future in boxing after a tough defeat at the hands of Artur Beterbiev, the WBC, IBF, and WBO light heavyweight champion. The seventh-round stoppage loss has left Smith considering his next steps in the sport.

For Smith, the defeat to Beterbiev is proving to be a more significant challenge than his previous loss to Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez in 2020. While Smith could find solace in his performance against Alvarez due to taking the fight at short notice and dealing with an arm injury, the defeat to Beterbiev offers fewer silver linings.

Expressing his disappointment, Smith admitted,

“I’m disappointed. I’m used to being the best. I believed I was the best and to accept that I’m not is a hard one to take. The better man won tonight. He stopped me getting into my rhythm. He’s good at just touching, touching and he stopped me getting any momentum,”

Despite the loss, Smith acknowledged Beterbiev's skills and ability to disrupt his rhythm throughout the fight.

With a record of 29-2 and 21 KO's, Smith now faces a crucial decision regarding his future in the sport. At 33 years old, he must weigh his options carefully, considering whether to continue his pursuit of success in the light heavyweight division or explore other avenues.

Beterbiev's anticipated fight against Dmitry Bivol for the undisputed championship at 175lbs adds another layer of complexity to Smith's decision. While he could wait to see how the title picture unfolds, Smith knows there are no shortcuts to reclaiming the top spot.

I’ve always set the bar very high. I’ve always wanted to be the best. I’ve always believed I was the best and now it’s hard to take that I’m not,” he said.
“I’ve got an amazing family at home. I give a lot to boxing. I think win or lose, I didn’t want to stay in boxing for a long time. I’m not making any decisions but it’s time to assess the future and see if I’ve got any goals that motivate me to go back to the gym. If not, we’ll see.

Reflecting on his career and future plans, Smith emphasized his high standards and desire to be the best. He also highlighted the importance of family and the need to assess his goals and motivations in boxing before making any decisions about his future.


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