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With his much anticipated rematch against middleweight great Gennady Golovkin around the corner Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is a hot topic in his country Mexico. The trilogy fight will be on september 17th, but people are already talking about what could be the outcome of the fight. Canelo divids a country, some people are in favor ,some are against him. Some say he waited till Golovkin got old and is also making him go up in weight to fight him where he is the undisputed champ in. People are seeing where Canelo is taking all the advantages in and is putting his conditions for the fight to even take place. Canelo is in control of the fight. I believe the critics are correct but we have to see the other side of the coin, we all know boxing is a business and Canelo is the biggest draw in boxing and is the A side in the negociations. Now nobody is pointing a gun to Golovkins head and making him fight under those conditions. There is millones $$$$$ of reasons why Golovkin is taking the fight and ofcourse he also believes he can win. Now in my personal opinión I believe now is the time Canelo is vulnerable and might be taking Golovkin lightly because of age ect. I still dont think Golovkin can win but he is capable of giving all of us a surprise on september 17th, he has that KO power, but so does Canelo. I understand everything and why, the only thing I dont like is the weight issue. I think it should of been a catchweight fight so the advantage will not be so notorious. What the casual fan doesnt know is that after that weight in Golovkins weight will almost stay the same, on the other hand Canelo will go up 10-15lbs the day of the fight because of rehydration. So he will have a huge size and weight advantage in the fight. They are stratagies and like they say "all is fair in love and war". I know to many its a sport but to us fighters its more than that, we can get killed in a fight. Thats why I dont look at it as a sport, to me its him or me, that simple. That my view ofcourse. To Canelo Álvarez fans he is the man. He is the current undisputed 168lbs world champ and he did it beating all the champions in the división one by one. In my personal opinion this man is extraordinary, he will go down as one of the greats. He has had some close fights but still he has done great things and nobody can say otherwise. The last thing I have to say about Canelo is, like him or not you will see his fights. Cheer for him or not he will be laughing. You know where? In the bank!


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