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Canelo Alvarez makes history by stopping Caleb Plant in Round 11

In a remarkable career full of success, Canelo Alvarez had another great success on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and set a record. The superstar, a four-division title holder, became the first undisputed super-middleweight champion by knocking out Caleb Plant in the 11th round, and only the sixth man in any division to become the undisputed champion in the four-title round. Alvarez's success has put him on the list of great people and has risen to the top "Being the undisputed champion in the history of Mexico means a lot," he said. "We are only six. I am happy to be only one in six in the world." Now let's talk about the match: At first it seemed difficult for Alvarez to do this, because if you look at the half of the match, both the fighters were very excited and were responding to each other's fight. And there were plenty of power shots. Alvarez himself said in an interview after the match that if truth be told, yes, I was a little disappointed, especially in the first five rounds. As soon as the match entered the sixth and seventh rounds, Plant began to look a little tired and he was no longer hitting shorts, mostly defending himself. As time went on, Plant also had the power to stop him. Alvarez saw it and began to do more and more damage to the plant By the 10th round, the punishment seemed to have removed most of the steam from the plant, which was not hitting as hard as before in the fight and whose movement seemed more laborious. And Alvarez wasn't downing a iota. Then, in the 11th, Alvarez finally landed the much-awaited punch, a left hook that marked the beginning of the end for the Tennessee Brave. This shot was followed by a sharp right and a small left, which sent the plant to the canvas on all fours. He was able to get up, but it was not easy. Because Alvarez started raining punches and the plant (21-1, 12 KOs) went down again. The last five were so strong that the plant's hopes of returning were dashed, prompting referee Russell Mora to stop fighting. The official stoppage time of Round 11 of the scheduled 12 round fight was 1 minute, 5 seconds. At that moment, a glowing Alvarez (57-2-1, 39 KOs) jumped on the ropes in a corner of the ring and raised his fist to recognize the spectators. And then a member of his team put a gold crown on his head to highlight his accomplishments. Alvarez's impressive performances proved that he is the king of the super-middleweight division and, in the eyes of most, the ruler of the game. What's next for the 31-year-old icon? He refused to go immediately after the fight, saying he wanted to take a break after a long training camp. The question is who will be Alvarez's next victim?


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