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Canelo Alvarez vs. Oscar De La Hoya: Fiery Exchange Erupts at Press Conference

Canelo Alvarez and  Oscar De La Hoya were involved in word exchange
Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya

Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya's once symbiotic partnership has devolved into a heated exchange at a press conference ahead of Alvarez's bout against Jamie Manguia for the undisputed super middleweight title at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this Saturday.

In a fiery exchange, De La Hoya, Alvarez's former promoter, responded to Alvarez's verbal jabs, prompting a passionate outburst from the boxer himself. De La Hoya, addressing Alvarez's comments, emphasized his role in shaping Alvarez's career while acknowledging personal struggles, stating, 

“So I’ll make it a little bit easier for him: Yes, I have faced a lot of challenges in my life. Yes, I’ve been to rehab several times. Yes, there were some really low points in my life, and yes, there were times that work was not my priority based on my mental health, which I had neglected for so long. But that doesn’t change the fact that Golden Boy built Canelo Alvarez, period. The company you fought under for decades has always had one name, and it’s mine. So put some f*cking respect on it.”

Alvarez, released from his contract with Golden Boy in 2020, didn't hold back in his response, accusing De La Hoya of trying to steal money and labeling him a "f*cking asshole" and a "motherf*cker" in a heated retort.

“He tried to steal money, and he’s a f*cking asshole,” Alvarez said. “That’s what I said. He’s a f*cking asshole. He tried to [bring] attention to him, not for Munguia. He’s a f*cking asshole. He steals from his fighter. That what he [does].

The exchange, captured in videos circulating online, underscores the deteriorating relationship between the two boxing figures and adds an extra layer of intensity to an already highly anticipated fight.

As tensions rise and emotions flare, the clash between Alvarez and De La Hoya promises to inject additional drama into the lead-up to Saturday's showdown, captivating boxing fans worldwide.


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