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Canelo believes he has more than enough power to fold Bivol and Benavidez

Canelo Alvarez has devoted countless hours to perfecting every aspect of his technique. He has been able to shine when it matters most because of the time he has invested on his art outside of the spotlight.

At the conclusion of 2021, Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) proudly climbed up on the top turnbuckle with world belts in four different weight classes. Alvarez stripped every 168-pound champion of their title in less than a full calendar year. The Mexican star was the last one standing after he conquered them all. 

Although the 32-year-old is adamant that he is a complete fighter, he has a history of turning up the heat and searching for knockout blows as his fights come to a close. While the pound-for-pound king's strength has shown to be lethal, competitors like Dmitry Bivol have demonstrated unbreakable chins.

Although things may not have gone as planned initially, Alvarez is optimistic that things would turn out differently this time. Bivol and Ryder have both demonstrated remarkable tenacity throughout the course of their careers, but Alvarez is certain that if his money shot connects, the lights of his rivals will unquestionably be shutout.

“Yea, everybody,” said Alvarez to a group of reporters when asked if he could knock out anyone with the right shot. Everybody down for sure.”

Recently, Alvarez's name has been inextricably linked to David Benavidez in addition to Ryder and Bivol. The 26-year-old interim WBC champion has made no secret of his eagerness to take on his Mexican opponent.

Alvarez’s biggest threat, Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) recently handed Caleb Plant just the second defeat of his career.

Alvarez isn't stressing out about the enormous task that could soon be in front of him. Alvarez believes that Benavidez's chin is identical to everyone else's. So if Alvarez gets a good look, the fighter who was just dubbed "The Mexican Monster" could also be stopped cold.

“You know the word everybody?” Said Alvarez while smiling when asked if he has enough power to KO Benavidez. “Everybody.”


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