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Canelo stated that if WBA lightheavyweight champ Dimitri Bivol were to lose his mandatory defense against Gilberto "Zurdo" Ramirez he isnt interested in getting a rematch. Even though Canelo is the one who wants the fight, does he really want it? As a fighters perspective I would want a rematch against the man who beat me last even if he lost his last fight. So I dont understand that part, we all know Canelo is the A side in boxing at the moment so he pretty much puts his conditions. Im not hating on him but I dont understand why not fight Bivol even if he loses. Also he is also not interested in fighting Ramirez if he would win because he is mexican. Even though Ramírez has been calling him out for a while now. So I do understand that either. Even though I dont see the flat footed slow punching Ramirez beating the quick footed talented champion, but then again this is boxing and anything can happen. I think Canelo should just wait and see what happens on november 5th insted of making statements about that fight. He should concéntrate on his fight against GGG in september because GGG shouldnt be taken lightly because he is capable of upsetting Canelos plans.


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