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Carlos Zárate Jr

Carlos "Cañas" Zarate was a very popular boxer who was the bantamweight world champion. When his son made his debut, there was faith that he would achieve good things in boxing, but it was not like that.

Zarate jr made his debut in 2009 with a knockout win over Miguel Angel Tejeda that year of his debut in 2009 he had 4 wins 2 by knockout, in 2010 he won 7 wins 5 by knockout that year he defeated Jesus Cruz Bibiano by decision, in 2011 he won His 3 fights by knockout, at that time his name began to look like a good prospect, in 2012 he lost for the first and only time, against Daniel Armando Valenzuela, that same year he got 2 wins by knockout, in 2013 his last year as a professional he won his 3 fights by knockout being his victory against Carlos Parra his last fight as a professional

Why didn't he stand out? The name of Zarate Jr was already among the names of national prospects that had to be followed and he had a promising future.

Unfortunately his problem was a recurring injury to his right shoulder, his first injury was on December 18, 2010 when he defeated Juan Carlos Martinez by knockout, that was the first of several injuries he suffered to the shoulder and which led him to surgery.

but could not recover as desired . In 2014 he announced his retirement according to a military doctor the bone was worn and the cartilage finished Carlos Zarate Jr a junior who promised good things but injuries did not let him shine.


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