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Cassius Chaney Is The Next Big Thing

Cassius Chaney is one of those guys who you hear his stats (21-0-0) with 14 of his 21 wins via knockout. The guy is 6'6"! So you hear of this hulking large heavyweight with an undefeated record who has been professionally boxing since 2018 and you're like "Wait what?!"

Cheney isn't currently ranked but wants to fight some big contenders in the near future to establish himself as a formidable force in boxing. "I'm the sneaky guy, I'm under the radar I don't do too much talking." He's quoted as saying in reference to his place in the boxing world.

Cheney has been sparring with world class fighters for some time now like those such as Tyson Fury. "In two fights I'll be where I need to be." He claims. I think he might be right. Boxing fans have missed the Mike Tyson era of boxing.

Keep your eyes on Cassius, this guy is gonna be bringing us some big knockouts! Who do you think Cassius should fight next?


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