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Cedric Doumbe Challenges Notions, Asserts He's the True Face of MMA in France

Doumbe celebration after win
PFL sensation Cedric Doumbe

Cedric Doumbe, the accomplished kickboxer making waves in PFL, has fired back at UFC welterweight Benoit Saint-Denis, asserting his position as the true face of MMA in France. The dispute arose when Saint-Denis claimed that former UFC interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane held the title, prompting Doumbe to challenge this view.

Despite having only five MMA fights under his belt, Doumbe aged 31, is confident in his status, emphasizing that his fights have drawn massive crowds, notably selling out Paris's Accor Arena in just 20 minutes. This led to a disagreement with Saint Denis, who questioned Doumbe's credentials, asserting that he needed to "prove it" in the cage.

In response, Doumbe expressed his disagreement, stating, 

"I am 100 percent sure that I am the face of MMA in France. Everybody knows that." 

He challenged the idea that being in the UFC is the sole determinant, highlighting the importance of personality, achievements, and drawing power. Doumbe believes that what sets him apart is his ability to attract a significant audience. He compared himself to Saint-Denis and Gane, questioning if they could replicate his feat of selling out arenas. 

"Benoit Saint-Denis, can he sell out Accor Arena in 20 minutes? I don’t think so," Doumbe challenged.

While acknowledging the importance of the French audience, Doumbe is eager to expand his reach, particularly in the U.S. He aims to showcase his skills to American fans and believes they will embrace him. 

"I want to shock the world, I need to show myself to the U.S. people, the U.S. crowds, and I know they will love me," Doumbe declared.

Looking ahead, Doumbe, open to any challenge PFL throws at him, understands the significance of making strategic choices in his career. Despite starting his MMA journey at 31, he believes he is at the pinnacle of his career and wants to capitalize on every opportunity. 

Whether it's fighting up-and-coming prospects or established welterweights, Doumbe is ready to shock the world and solidify his place in the MMA landscape.


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