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Chael Sonnen believes Fedor Emelianenko is the GOAT not Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen, a former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight contender, recently revealed his thoughts on who he believes is the GOAT.

Fedor Emelianenko, a veteran MMA star, made his final visit to the cage at Bellator 290 over the weekend facing the champion Ryan Bader. This time, 'The Last Emperor' survived a little longer than he did during his initial confrontation with Bader, but he nevertheless succumbed to defeat quite quickly.

Emelianenko was knocked out by TKO at 2:30 in the first round after taking a brutal barrage of blows. Even if the outcome wasn't ideal, Emelianenko received acclaim and appreciation for his amazing career, which spanned more than 20 years.

In a recent YouTube video, "The American Gangster" said that Fedor Emelianenko is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. Sonnen was also eager to point out that "The Last Emperor" has consistently been the main event draw wherever he goes. Sonnen believes that Jon Jones, another fighter who many people believe to be the GOAT, falls short.

“Fedor is the GOAT for the same reasons that Jon Jones is not,” Sonnen said. “The GOAT isn’t just about how many championships you’ve won, it isn’t just about what your record is, it isn’t just about main events or how much money you brought in.”

“Now the mere fact that Fedor is has never done anything but main events truly is amazing. That is far more amazing than anything else. That he could only be the star, including on his last night ever.”

After explaining why he prefers "The Last Emperor" to "Bones," Sonnen continued with a rather direct justification. Despite Jones' numerous awards, Sonnen simply does not like him. Then, "The Bad Guy" asserted that GOAT discussions are almost often popularity contests.

“I’m not being my typical d**k of a self and taking a shot at Jon Jones here… Jon is the finest talent, Jon is the most unique, Jon has got the resume… So why wouldn’t I say Jon Jones is the greatest?

“For the same reason that you guys don’t, because you don’t like him… When you are having greatest of all time conversations, you are for sure having a popularity contest.”


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