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Chael Sonnen calls Jon Jones a "SCUMBAG"!!

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen has expressed his displeasure with Jon Jones' recent remarks regarding UFC 300. Jones, who is currently recovering from a pec injury, was forced to withdraw from his scheduled bout against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich fought for the interim heavyweight title instead, with Aspinall emerging victorious.

Chael Sonnen

While Aspinall has expressed interest in facing either Jones or Miocic, the UFC seems inclined to stick with the original plan of having Jones face Miocic in late 2024. However, Dana White reportedly attempted to book Jones for UFC 300 in April, as the event currently lacks a main event. Despite the opportunity, Jones was unable to accept the offer due to his injury.

Sonnen criticized Jones for publicly discussing the UFC's search for a main event for UFC 300.

On his YouTube channel, Sonnen called Jones a "scumbag" for revealing this information, stating,

"He just outs the organization, 'Hey man, these guys don’t have a main event.'... He didn’t say anything that could be helpful. He only said one detail that could harm the company. They don’t have a main event and they’re scrambling… Daniel Cormier’s right — that is a bad employee."

Jones is not the only fighter who has been linked to UFC 300. Aspinall recently disclosed that he was offered a fight against Miocic for the event, but Miocic declined the offer.

Sonnen's comments reflect a growing sentiment of frustration with Jones' behavior, particularly regarding his public statements. Whether or not Jones will face any consequences for his remarks remains to be seen, but it is clear that his actions have not gone unnoticed within the MMA community.


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