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Charlo's Reaction to Benavidez's Win: 'Just Wasn't Crazy Impressed

Jermall Charlo expressed his unexpected take on the highly anticipated bout between Demetrius Andrade and David Benavidez at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Charlo, the undefeated WBC middleweight champion, had anticipated Andrade's boxing prowess to pose a significant challenge for Benavidez. However, the outcome of the fight left Charlo both surprised and somewhat unimpressed with Benavidez's technical knockout victory.

During the post-fight press conference, Charlo acknowledged Benavidez's win but critiqued the lack of what he deemed "crazy dominating shots" and noted the sloppy footwork from both fighters. Charlo expected Andrade, nicknamed 'Boo Boo,' to employ a different strategy, emphasizing the need for more aggression and pressure on Benavidez.

Despite Charlo's reservations about the technical aspects of the fight, he credited Benavidez for applying relentless pressure in the fifth and sixth rounds, breaking down Andrade with a barrage of body and head shots. The former WBO middleweight and WBA/WBO 154-pound champion, Andrade, valiantly attempted to counter Benavidez's assault but ultimately succumbed to the unrelenting pressure.

In a surprising twist, Charlo, who marked his return after a 29-month layoff with a unanimous decision victory over Jose Benavidez Jr. in a 10-round, non-title fight, expressed interest in moving up to the super middleweight division. Charlo sees David Benavidez as a potential opponent in the 168-pound weight class, signaling his openness to fighting for the interim belt that Benavidez recently defended.

Charlo, a Houston native, addressed the issue of his weight, officially weighing 166.4 pounds for his fight with Jose Benavidez Jr., 3½ pounds over the contracted catch weight. Despite paying penalties per pound from his purse, Charlo remains undeterred, asserting his willingness to embrace challenges and explore opportunities in the super middleweight division.

As the boxing world awaits Charlo's next move, the prospect of a potential clash with David Benavidez adds an intriguing layer to the super middleweight landscape.


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