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Charlo-Tszyu fight Off after Jermell Suffered a Broken Hand in Training

The Undisputed Super Welterweight World Champion Jermell Charlo will not be defending his title against the No.1 contender Tim Tszyu after he broke his knuckles punching the heavy bag in the training.

Charlo-Tszyu fight was one of the biggest and most anticipated affairs the boxing fans wanted to experience but to their frustration, they have been left gasping as the fight was postponed after Charlo tore his left hand.

According to Charlo, he has broken it in two places, one between the little and Ring finger and the other at the base of the thumb. Charlo wanted to keep the fight alive but the doctors suggested otherwise.

Charlo expressed his disappointment briefing that he will remain out of the ring for the most part of early 2023.

I was sparring, and I threw this nice punch and as soon as it landed, I knew something was wrong. I felt my hand throbbing right away,’’ said Charlo. “I had two X-rays and an MRI to see what was wrong. It showed it was broken in two places.”

“My hand will be in a cast for two months. I’m as disappointed as the fans, maybe more, because this was my first chance to defend the undisputed title.”

Charlo unified the division by solving the last puzzle at 154 by defeating Brian Castaño in May. he was poised to face the Australian hard hitter, Tszyu but an unfortunate injury spoiled all the party.


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