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Charlo with nothing to lose.

Tonight we will see Canelo v.s Charlo, two undisputed champions collide. Canelo is a big favorite in the fight because Charlo is moving up in weight for the fight and lets be honest there is a big difference in opposition, Canelo has fought the best and has alot more experience and after weight ins a slight weight advantage and Charlo is moving up 2 weight divisións for the fight and a long time out of the ring so nobody is giving him a shot. My opinion on this fight is that Charlo has already won, yes thats correct! all he has to do is to step inside the ring and get that paycheck. Ofcourse he is going to try to win and having nothing to lose he can be dangerous. His belts wont be on the líne only Canelo's. Now with him having nothing to lose and getting paid his biggest purse , believe me he can be dangerous, especially if he decides to box Canelo and work his jab. We've seen Canelo being outboxed by a few, so I believe if Charlo does box Canelo he has a shot. Now if he trades blows with Canelo it might be a quick nite for Charlo. My prediction is Canelo by late round KO. If the fight goes the distance Charlo might get the decisión. Dont count out Charlo he has the goods also and he can punch, but ill go with Canelo on this one.


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