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Chavez Jr feels he hit rock bottom and apoligizes to his father Chávez Sr.

Julio Cesar Chávez Jr gave a sad messege through social media . Apoligizing to his father for letting him down and his fans. After spending a year in rehab ex world WBC middleweight champion Chávez Jr with only a few days out goes back to drugs (painkillers, antidepresants, stimulators). He realizes that he hit rock bottom and sees how he hurts his family and those around him. He also said that he now sees that his father always wants whats best for him and is always willing to guide him. He also said that this time he will listen to his father and try harder to stay clean for his family. He told fans watching on social media to take him as an example of what drugs can do to you.

Chávez Sr says he will do anything to save his son and keep him safe even if its to keep him in rehab another year.


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