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Chimaev Outlasts Usman in Epic Showdown, Secures Majority Decision Victory

In a jaw-dropping co-main event at UFC 294, Khamzat Chimaev showcased his indomitable spirit as he clinched a hard-fought majority decision win over the formidable Kamaru Usman. It was a relentless battle that almost saw Chimaev secure a finish in the opening round, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

From the opening bell, Chimaev wasted no time, immediately shooting for a takedown. In the blink of an eye, Chimaev darted forward, snatching Usman's leg and bringing him to the canvas. He swiftly transitioned to take Usman's back, delivering a relentless assault of punches and elbows as Usman defended himself from a compromising position.

Chimaev's dominance continued as he rained down blows, forcing Usman to stand. In an intense moment, Chimaev nearly secured a standing rear-naked choke, but Usman's defensive dive broke the hold, although Chimaev retained his dominant position.

The fight progressed to the second round, with Usman finally finding his striking rhythm. He landed a well-timed jab that popped Chimaev, who had slowed his pace. Usman capitalized on this, setting up combinations with a crisp right hand that landed on Chimaev's chin. In the round's final minute, Chimaev managed a late takedown but failed to capitalize before the horn sounded.

With renewed aggression in the final round, Usman's punches found their target consistently. A couple of those strikes snapped Chimaev's head around, but he clung to a leg, taking Usman back to the mat. Despite the dominant position, Chimaev struggled to inflict significant damage as Usman regained his footing. The fight concluded with a wild flurry, but Chimaev's takedown and ground control swayed two judges in his favor, ultimately determining the outcome of the contest.

A late takedown by Chimaev in the third round proved pivotal in securing the victory, with judges' scores reading 29-27, 29-27, and 28-28, awarding him a hard-earned majority decision win. After the grueling contest, Chimaev didn't call for a title shot. Instead, he expressed his admiration for his opponent and his desire to earn money and happiness in the sport.

"I'm a big fan of Usman," Chimaev remarked. "He has good coaches, a good team. I didn't come here for the titles; I'm here to make money and be happy."

UFC CEO Dana White had previously declared that the victor would receive the next opportunity to challenge middleweight champion Sean Strickland. Thus, Chimaev's remarkable triumph over the welterweight legend Usman propels him into his next assignment after securing the biggest win of his career.


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