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Chris Algieri Speaks Out on Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Boxing

Chris Algieri Speaks Out on Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Boxing

Chris Algieri, a former world champion boxer, has shared his thoughts on the issue of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the sport. Algieri faced Amir Khan in 2015 and Conor Benn in 2021, both of whom have since tested positive in doping tests.

Benn's results led to his fight with Chris Eubank Jr being pulled at the last minute, and a resolution with the British Boxing Board of Control still not reached after six months. Khan's test was taken after his retirement bout with Kell Brook in February 2022, and he has been banned for two years.

In an interview with iD Boxing, Algieri stated that there is "a lot of drug use in the sport" and that it is only getting worse. He expressed his disappointment at the situation and the effect it has on the integrity of the sport.

Algieri's comments come at a time when boxing is facing increasing scrutiny over the use of PEDs. Despite the efforts made by anti-doping agencies and governing bodies, the problem persists, with some fighters continuing to test positive for banned substances.

The issue of PEDs in boxing is a complex one, with many factors contributing to the problem. Some fighters may turn to PEDs to gain a competitive advantage, while others may do so to aid their recovery from injury. In some cases, fighters may be unaware that the supplements they are taking contain banned substances.

Algieri's comments highlight the need for continued efforts to combat the use of PEDs in boxing. This includes education and awareness programs for fighters and coaches, as well as increased testing and harsher penalties for those who are caught using banned substances.

As the sport of boxing continues to evolve, the importance of maintaining its integrity grows. It is imperative that all those involved in the sport work together to ensure a level playing field and a clean sport for all fighters.


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