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Chris Eubank Jr. Doubts Conor Benn’s Innocence After Talk Show Appearance

Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn have been embroiled in a bitter feud for months. The rivalry between the two men has been fueled by their fathers, who were also bitter rivals during their boxing careers in the 1990s. However, the fight between the two men was canceled last year after Benn failed two separate tests for the banned substance clomifene.

Benn recently appeared on Piers Morgan’s talk show to discuss his two positive tests for the banned substance, clomifene. During the interview, Benn spoke about his mental health struggles and maintained his innocence. Despite this, Eubank Jr. has publicly stated that he believes Benn is guilty.

Eubank Jr. took to Twitter to express his skepticism, stating that he was “99% sure” Benn was a cheat, but after watching the interview, he is now “100% sure.” He went on to criticize Benn for trying to play the victim and failing two drug tests. Benn responded by accusing Eubank Jr. of not wanting to fight him and trying to blackmail him for £1 million.

The feud between Eubank Jr. and Benn has been heating up for some time, but it appears that it has reached a new level. Eubank Jr.'s comments have cast doubt on Benn’s claims of innocence, and the two men seem to be at loggerheads.

The fallout from this feud could have significant implications for both men’s careers. Eubank Jr. is coming off an upset knockout loss to Liam Smith and has activated his rematch clause. Benn has not fought since last April and is now being linked to a potential fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Regardless of what happens next, it is clear that the rivalry between Eubank Jr. and Benn is far from over. The two men seem determined to settle their differences in the ring, and fans are eagerly anticipating a potential showdown between them. Only time will tell if that fight will ever happen, but for now, the feud between Eubank Jr. and Benn remains one of the most intriguing storylines in British boxing.


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