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Chuck Liddell interested in fighting Jake Paul

Chuck Liddell is looking to get a match with YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul.

Due to his knockouts and tattoos, Liddell used to be the most famous and terrifying fighter in the entire world.

Chuck Liddell's post-retirement life has been complicated; at one point, "The Iceman" attempted a comeback but lost against Tito Ortiz by knockout.

Since then, he has toyed with the possibility of engaging in additional fights, even calling out possible MMA competitor and YouTube boxer turned Jake Paul during a recent interview with InsideFighting.

He made it plain that he would agree to a mixed martial arts bout if Paul requested one, but he is highly doubtful that the younger Paul brother would accept.

“Everybody wants to fight me in MMA now. Come on, he doesn’t want to fight me in MMA. He doesn’t want to fight me at all,” Liddell said. “I’m retired man, I’m 53. But again, he’s got no chance.”

Chuck Liddell stated that he would agree to a contract and accept payment for Jake Paul, but he added that the likelihood of that happening is remote since he knows Paul is more interested in fights with Nate Diaz.

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