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Ciryl Gane Upsets Derrick Lewis

Ciryl Gane upset Derrick Lewis lastnight with a 3rd round KO. Derrick Lewis was the crowd favorite and the betting odds favorite against Ciryl. Nobody expected Derrick Lewis to get Ko'd, as a matter of fact everyone expected the opposite.

Ciryl Gane is now 10-0, undefeated in the UFC. He is clearly on path to fight Francis Ngannou, the current UFC Heavyweight Champion. Ciryl is 10-0 and surprisingly has barely been fighting in the UFC for 3 years now. To have such a astounding record in such a short amount of time, speaks magnitudes.

Everyone expected Derrick Lewis to KO Ciryl Gane and continue his legacy of heavy hitting power. Nobody expected Derrick Lewis to get KO'd. It almost felt like it wasn't real at first. I was even astounded to see this. We all really wanted to hear another funny Derrick Lewis post fight interview.

I'm sure the French are happy and maybe Ciryl gives good post fight interviews but, most of us Americans don't speak french so we can only assume what he said was nice things about Derrick, and Ciryl's own training camp.


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