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Claressa Shields Says She Turned Down A Fight On Jake Paul’s Undercard

MMA recruit Clarissa Shields surprised everyone with her recent statement when she said that she rejected the fight on Jack Paul's under card. Shields rejected Jack Paul's undercard fight, saying she could defeat Jack Paul and would never fight on his undercard. "I got an offer to be on Jack Paul's undercard, and I turned it down," Shields told the Lok MMA. "Whatever I am and what I represent, I will never do it. I appreciate it where Jack Paul's fans pay to see him, but my fans pay to see me. And when I'm not at the top of the bill, you won't get your fair share of pay per view purchases. For some women in boxing, though, it's a great opportunity. Clarissa Shields is a lively, professional and lively female boxer. Who has won several world titles in three different weight classes, including being undisputed in two divisions. In her last fight in March, she defeated Marie-Eve Decker by a decision to headline a pay-per-view event that was an all-female boxing card. Although Shields is 11-0 in boxing, she is moving to the MMA and has a contract with the PFL. She is 1-0 in the MMA and will fight on October 27 and after that, she will return to boxing. The question is, was Clarice Shields' decision to reject the fight on Jack Paul's undercard right?


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