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Colby Covington Calls Out Ian Machado Garry, Denies UFC Offered Fight

Colby Covington Calls Out Ian Machado Garry
Colby Covington (right), Ian Machado Garry (left)

Colby Covington, former UFC interim welterweight champion, has made headlines by denying claims that the UFC has offered him a fight against Ian Machado Garry and accusing Garry of seeking attention through false statements.

In a recent interview on The Rush podcast, Covington addressed the rumors surrounding a potential matchup with Garry, stating, 

"We all know that he’s a cuck but now we know he’s a liar."

Despite Garry's claims that the UFC has presented the fight to both parties, Covington insists that he has not been approached by the organization regarding this bout. Covington, known for his outspoken nature, expressed skepticism about Garry's intentions, accusing him of using the situation for clickbait and publicity.

Covington also reiterated his list of demands for the fight, including turning on the comments on Garry and his wife Layla's Instagram channels, a video of Layla begging for the fight, and featuring her in one of Covington's gambling videos on social media. These demands reflect Covington's desire to ensure seriousness and a business-oriented approach from Garry.

Despite the ongoing back-and-forth, Covington's focus remains on securing a fight that aligns with his career goals, particularly a rematch with UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Covington emphasized his readiness to face top-ranked opponents and reiterated his stance on wanting to showcase his skills in the octagon.

As the saga between Covington and Garry continues, UFC fans eagerly await developments to see if this matchup will eventually materialize.


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