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Colby Covington: The Hardest Worker in the UFC According to Daniel Cormier

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier has heaped praise on Covington, dubbing him possibly the hardest-working fighter in the UFC today.

Covington, known as 'Chaos,' has been absent from the Octagon since his unanimous decision victory over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 in March. His return is set for later this month in a welterweight title clash against Leon Edwards. Daniel Cormier, who is slated to provide play-by-play coverage for the event in Las Vegas, shared his thoughts on the upcoming bout in a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Despite acknowledging the skills of Leon Edwards, Cormier focused on commending Colby Covington for his unparalleled work ethic. The Hall of Famer noted that Covington may not possess the fastest speed, the best wrestling, or the greatest strength, yet he consistently finds a way to emerge victorious in both wrestling and MMA.

In the podcast, Cormier highlighted that no one has achieved as much with seemingly fewer physical gifts than the former interim champion. While refraining from making a prediction on the outcome of the Covington-Edwards matchup, Cormier emphasized his high regard for the challenger, praising his accomplishments throughout his career.

"He’s not the biggest, he’s not the fastest, he’s not the strongest. But, he wins," Cormier stated about Covington. "With those abilities, right, he’s become a two-time NCAA All-American.
He has been the UFC interim champion, he’s fought for the belt two times, and he’s fighting for the belt another time. But nothing about Colby jumps off the page. He’s meat and potatoes.”
"I think Colby Covington is a tremendous man, but Leon Edwards is a… [The] dude’s not lost in 13 fights… He changed his life with that head kick… Look at me now!” Cormier concluded.

Cormier continued to applaud Covington's work ethic, emphasizing the fighter's reliance on volume and cardio. Despite lacking standout physical attributes, Cormier emphasized that Covington's achievements are a testament to his hard work and dedication. The former champion concluded by acknowledging the tremendous achievements of Colby Covington while also acknowledging the formidable challenge posed by Leon Edwards, who hasn't tasted defeat in 13 fights.


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