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Collins Vs Resto The Dirtiest Boxing Fight In History

Let's go back almost 40 years in time, June 16, 1983, Madison Square Garden, that day we saw one of the darkest chapters in boxing history, That day the prospectBilly Collins Jr and the veteran Luis Resto faced each other. Who would of said that they would never set foot in a ring again? The fight would take 10 rounds, in one corner we had the undefeated prospect with 14 victories 11 knockouts, in the other corner a veteran boxer.

Madison Square Garden was packed as the main event featured Roberto Manos De Piedra Duran. The public never thought that they would witness the dirtiest fight in history.

The fight began, the first rounds were even but something happened from the third, Luis Resto against all odds was punishing Collins Jr, Collins didn't think Resto would hit that hard. -It seems that it has bricks instead of hands-He stated in his corner -Shall we stop the fight? "No, I'll knock him out," Collins Jr. assured.

Beginning of the tenth round, the face of Collins was unrecognizable as a result of the blows and he stoically endured the 3 minutes of the last round, the fight was decided by decision, Luis Resto being the winner, the feat had been accomplished and Resto had won, Resto approached the corner of Collins to greet Collins and the corner, It was at that moment that everything changed, Billy Collins Sr noticed something strange in the gloves and asked that they be analyzed. 2 weeks later it was discovered that they had changed the padding to plaster, There were more than 450 blows to Collins' face, the damage, damage to the right retina and damage to the left, he would never be able to box again.

The punishment for Luis Resto is disqualification for life. The case was taken to court and he was sentenced to 3 years. Collins was not the same again, he fell into the clutches of alcohol, drugs and depression and on March 6, 1984 he died when he crashed into a ravine. Resto admitted in 2008 that not only the gloves, but also their hands had plaster. Its a shame where the desire to win takes you sometimes.


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