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Conor Benn Cleared by WBC in Positive Drugs Test Investigation

Conor Benn, the British boxer, has been cleared by the World Boxing Council (WBC) of any wrongdoing in relation to his positive drugs test for the banned substance Clomiphene. The positive test came ahead of his fight against Chris Eubank Jr. in October 2021.

The WBC, in a statement, ruled that there was “no conclusive evidence that Mr Benn engaged in intentional or knowing ingestion of Clomiphene”. Benn had denied any wrongdoing from the outset and claimed that the banned substance was due to his diet in the lead-up to the fight.

The WBC investigation found that Benn and his team had provided a detailed breakdown of his diet and supplements, which supported his explanation that the positive test was due to his excessive consumption of eggs. The organization noted that Benn’s consumption of eggs was highly elevated during the period relevant to the sample collection, which provided a reasonable explanation for the adverse finding.

Despite the WBC’s clearance, Benn remains subject to an investigation by the UK Anti-Doping Agency and the British Board of Boxing Control. The WBC stated that it would continue to work with Benn to avoid any future adverse analytical findings, and that he would be subjected to regular drug testing.

The WBC also plans to correspond with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regarding its concerns about Clomiphene as a food contaminant and the potential for false positives caused by the ingestion of contaminated food.

The clearance by the WBC is a boost for Benn, who is the son of former world champion Nigel Benn. He has a record of 19 wins and 0 losses, and has been rising up the ranks of the welterweight division. The positive drugs test had cast a shadow over his career, but the WBC’s ruling has provided some relief for the young boxer.

In conclusion, the WBC’s clearance of Conor Benn is a positive development for the British boxer, who has consistently denied any wrongdoing. The WBC’s statement provides a reasonable explanation for the adverse finding, and the organization has committed to working with Benn to avoid any future issues. With this clearance, Benn can now focus on his career and look to build on his unbeaten record.


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