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Conor Benn Defeats Peter Dobson in 12-Round Battle

Conor Benn faced a tougher challenge than anticipated in his bout against Peter Dobson on Saturday, boxing 11 rounds longer than expected and admitting to being disappointed with his performance despite winning by unanimous decision. Benn, who remained unbeaten, had predicted a first-round knockout but went the full 12 rounds for the first time in his nearly eight-year professional career.

Conor Benn

Dobson, previously undefeated, demonstrated resilience and landed several right hands, making the fight more competitive than anticipated. Although Benn controlled most of the rounds, Dobson's ability to withstand Benn's power and compete with a more favored opponent was evident.

Despite his victory, Benn expressed dissatisfaction with his performance, stating that he was in "cruise control" and had faced harder sparring sessions. Dobson, on the other hand, showcased his durability and landed his fair share of punches, particularly his right hand, which became more effective as the fight progressed.

Ultimately, judges Tim Cheatham, David Sutherland, and Steve Weisfeld scored the fight in favor of Benn, with wide margins. Benn's dominance was evident throughout the match, but Dobson's resilience and competitive spirit were commendable.

Benn's victory comes amid ongoing legal issues in the UK, where he has been suspended from boxing since failing two tests for clomiphene, a banned substance, before a scheduled fight with Chris Eubank Jr. However, his suspension was lifted last July, though the British Boxing Board of Control and UK Anti-Doping have appealed the decision. The outcome of this appeal is pending, with a hearing potentially scheduled for this month.

Benn's victory over Dobson marks another milestone in his career, showcasing his ability to overcome challenges in the ring.


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