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Conor Benn Denies Clomifene Use and Calls for Lifetime Bans for Drug Cheats

British boxer Conor Benn has called for all drug cheats to be banned for life, after rejecting the suggestion from the World Boxing Council (WBC) that his recent positive test for Clomifene may have been caused by consuming an excessive amount of eggs. Benn, who tested positive for the banned substance ahead of a scheduled bout with Chris Eubank Jr in October, has consistently maintained his innocence and claims that he never had Clomifene in his body at all. The WBC recently reinstated Benn to their rankings after suggesting that the adverse finding may have been caused by the consumption of eggs containing the substance.

However, Benn rejected the WBC’s suggestion, stating that he believes there was never any Clomifene in his body in the first place due to a number of negative tests, including those taken with UK Anti-Doping. He also insisted that drug cheats should be banned for life because of the damage that can be caused, citing his father’s fight with Gerald McClellan as evidence of that.

Benn also revealed that the past five months have left him feeling suicidal. “I didn’t think I was going to make it through this period. I was taking it day by day. I was having night terrors and panic attacks. I was really struggling, in a really bad way and I was coping terribly with it. It’s still hard for me and I still can’t believe I’m in this situation,” he said. The boxer also revealed that he has received abusive comments on social media, including racist comments directed towards his son.

Benn’s case is a reminder of the importance of stringent drug testing in sports and the consequences of positive tests, both for the athlete’s career and their mental wellbeing. The issue of doping in boxing has been a concern for many years, and the sport has made significant efforts to tackle the problem, including increased testing and harsher penalties for offenders. However, cases like Benn’s highlight the need for continued vigilance and support for athletes who may be unfairly accused of doping.


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