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Conor Benn's Next Fight: Eddie Hearn Close to Finalizing Plans for Welterweight

Eddie Hearn, the promoter of British welterweight contender Conor Benn, has indicated that a fight for his charge is "close" to being finalized. Hearn said he has whittled down the number of potential opponents for Benn to three, with Manny Pacquiao and Chris Eubank Jr. being two of them.

Hearn hopes that the fight will take place in June, but it will not be in Britain, as Benn is currently being investigated by the British Boxing Board of Control and cannot legally fight in his homeland without their clearance.

The announcement of Benn's positive drug tests for clomifene led to the cancellation of his highly publicized catchweight fight with Chris Eubank Jr. last October. Benn is now being investigated by the British Boxing Board of Control, which has led Hearn to explore other options for his charge, such as having him fight in the United States or the Middle East.

After weeks of hinting that Benn could fight in foreign territory, Hearn offered his most direct comment on the situation, stating that his next fight will not be in Britain and will be announced in due course.

Benn became the recipient of some positive news last month when the World Boxing Council decided to reinstate the boxer into its welterweight rankings. The sanctioning body, which had launched its investigation into Benn's failed drug tests, determined that they deemed plausible the explanation that Benn had accidentally ingested clomifene by eating a "highly elevated consumptions of eggs." Benn, however, rejected the notion that he ever had clomifene in his body. Despite his protestations, Benn has used the WBC verdict as a rallying cry for himself.

Hearn hopes to act as a buffer between Benn and the Board, as the promoter believes there are too many "huge fights" waiting for his charge in his homeland. Hearn said he wants Benn to fight in Britain for the long-term future of his career, and there are some significant fights for him in his homeland. However, Benn feels badly done by the Board and has threatened to sue them.

In conclusion, the return of Conor Benn to the ring is close, with three potential opponents in consideration. While it will not take place in Britain due to his ongoing investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control, Hearn hopes to bridge the gap between Benn and the Board and get him fighting in his homeland once again.


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