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Conor McGregor faces further concern over 190lb frame ahead of UFC comeback

McGregor, 33, has been ruled out of the UFC due to a broken leg in a trilogy fight with Dustin Poir in July this year. But they are now gaining weight as well as recovering to be in the UFC again. CONOR MCGREGOR has dubbed itself a brick wall after dramatic changes in its body over the past five months. UFC poster boy breaking weights between rehabilitation sessions for his broken leg. In general, the lean and mean infamous has packed a lot of muscles during his break from Octagon. And in a recent conversation with one of his fans, the Irishman described himself as a "brick wall." When asked by a fan if his head had been photoshopped on his body, McGregor tweeted: "No. "I'm just so much of a brick wall that I'm hiding behind a brick wall." Earlier this month, McGregor revealed that by constantly pumping his iron he could see balloons up to 190lbs (86kg). Conor McGregor has been warned that his weight in training could signal the end of his UFC lightweight return next year. UFC legend Chael Sonnen believes that going into the lightweight category next year could be a long way off and explains that his lack of training could be the main reason for this benefit. Sonan said on his YouTube channel, "So this image seems to be floating around Connor McGregor, which we saw him weighing something like 190 pounds. It is going down to 155. McGregor has admitted that he is in no "hurry" to return to the UFC but has promised that it will be one of the best in history. Will Connor McGregor ever be the UFC Lightweight Champion again? Let us know your decision in the comments section below. However, the Irishman needs to be reborn after three defeats in his last four fights, including back-to-back losses to Poirier, the enemy of the trilogy. Several weights have been discussed on his return, including the welterweight clash against the Net Diaz, as well as the moderate weight tilt after being compared to other fighters in the division.But it is likely that he will try to rectify his recent decline by taking one of the many lighter opportunities, including Michael Chandler, Rafael Dos Anjos and Islam Makhachev. McGregor has also demanded a fourth showdown against Poirier, in line with his demands for a title shot on his return. That seems unlikely, but he is currently ranked No. 9 in the UFC Lightweight Rankings after being inactive since July. UFC President Dana White has maintained that McGregor will head a return card despite his recent losses.The appearance of any headline corresponds to the fact that McGregor has sold eight of the top ten pay per view cards in UFC history.


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