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Conor McGregor not in USADA testing pool.

As Conor McGregor continues to live wild and enjoy his good fortune, his absence from the USADA testing pool has come under intense scrutiny recently. On Saturday, Dana White gave some clarification on the matter for the first time.

McGregor will have to spend six months in the program before he can re-enter the USADA testing pool, according to White. He hasn't had a PED test performed by USADA during the past six months, which is a straightforward but contentious explanation.

A fighter must have undergone at least six months of non-stop PED testing before competing in the UFC, according to USADA's rules. Conor is unable to compete in official tournaments because he hasn't been tested in longer. Conor's daily activities alone instantly raise many questions about probable PED use.

When competitors who were signed to a UFC contract retire and later decide to return, the protocol is frequently observed. There is still uncertainty behind the cause of McGregor's withdrawal from the pool.

Since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in July 2022, McGregor, 34, has not participated in any competitions. He suffered the injury during a trilogy match, which resulted in his second consecutive defeat to Poirier.

Following the incident, McGregor underwent significant rehabilitation and surgery, openly documenting his progress online. McGregor has been posting videos of himself sparring and performing what appear to be full-out weight-bearing activities on his previously damaged leg in recent weeks.

Is he taking PEDs? Conor McGregor's muscular mass has increased dramatically over the past year, despite his claims to the contrary. He is no longer the frail fighter he was when he faced Dustin Poirier. Conor does have special metabolism and freak genetics, but his bulking has only happened recently. Regardless of their genetic makeup, non-steroid users never bulk up that quickly.

McGregor has made it plain during his recovery that he intends to come back with championship aspirations and will be hungrier than ever. However, it is unknown when he will do this. The Irishman is presently filming a remake of Roadhouse in which he will co-star with Jake Gyllenhaal and make his acting debut. No release date had been made public.

The likelihood of Conor McGregor returning to full action is dwindling faster than even he would like. Conor doesn't feel the need to continue fighting, though. He is already a multi-millionaire, and his and his children's futures are secured.

Conor McGregor's desire for greater success in the octagon is the only thing keeping him from joining the UFC again. But having everything in his life taken care of can have a significant impact on his lack of desire for further achievement in this sport. To those of his detractors who believe his career as a mixed martial artist is over, Conor has a lot to prove.


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