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Conor McGregor told he is third in line for shot at UFC champion Charles Oliveira

Conor McGregor is striving for a successful comeback after breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in UFC 264. And he wants to regain his position as soon as possible. For which he demanded that he be given a light title shot immediately on his return against champion Charles Oliveira. But Conor McGregor has made it clear that he is not the only challenger to Charles Oliveira's title, but also has two other contenders, making him number three. But former UFC star Paul Fielder believes that the winner of Justin Gethsemane and Islam Makhachev vs. Benel Dariush will get the first title shots. "Justin Gaethje should be number one in the title shot, followed by Islam Makhachev if he beats Dariush in his next fight." "After that Conor should get a chance. Whether one likes it or not, the boy scares." "But it looks like Oliveira will be the champion for a long time. It feels like that. Because as he progresses and the way he performs stronger, more confident and brilliant. There is no doubt that He could easily have given his belt to Casey. When I defeated him years ago, he seemed a little broken, he didn't know where he wanted to be, it was going to be 155 or 145. " Oliveira recently defeated McGregor's recent Nemesis Poirier in UFC 269 by strangling his opponent in the third period. Gethsemane, on the other hand, has taken the lead in getting another title shot after defeating Michael Chandler in a brutal battle. The other candidate for the title is yet to be decided. Makhachev will also strengthen his position as a leading contender if he can defeat Darius on February 26, when the pair are due to meet. However, this is unlikely to happen until the second half of next year, with the Irish not in a hurry to return. He admits he was left confused with Gethsemane in the next line and would prefer a bumper tilt with McGregor. Conor McGregor challenged Charles Oliveira in May, saying, "Surely everyone wants to see this fight. So let's do it. I'm looking forward to it in May." Had just submitted. He was almost knocked out by Chandler, whom I defeated by TKO.” "Not only that, but I and the whole world want to see this fight. So let's do it. I'm looking forward to it in May. He was almost knocked out by Chandler, whom I defeated by TKO. But I'm an UFC employee. If he chooses to fight Gethsemane next time, I'll be ready too. " Should Connor McGregor be in the front line for the title shot against Charles Oliveira?


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