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Conor Mcgregor - Wheelchair Boxing For Charity

Holy crap! Conor Mcgregor isn't taking any downtime. The man is signing up for a September boxing match for charity. Except this time he will be boxing, from a wheelchair! Against not a fellow boxer but a... comedian?

Well this couldn't get any cooler. Are we just gonna get to see Conor beat up a comedian? Or does the comedian get a handicap as well? No pun intended. Okay actually pun intended. Something really cool though is the charity event. All proceeds will go to the Irish Wheelchair Association and help disabled folk across their country.

We hear Conor say a lot of crazy things online. We see him act very bold and outlandish. This seems like a goofy side we haven't seen before. Regardless of the turnout of the fight. We hope its successful and benefits many disabled folk across Ireland!


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