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Contaminated or Cheater? Ryan Garcia Blames Supplements for Doping Scandal

Ryan Garcia's recent victory over Devin Haney is clouded by controversy after his legal team revealed positive tests for Ostarine, a banned performance-enhancing substance. Garcia maintains his innocence, claiming the positive results stem from contaminated supplements.

Ryan Garcia

According to a statement released by Garcia's attorney, Darin Chavez, two supplements the boxer ingested before the fight tested positive for Ostarine. The statement identifies the supplements as NutraBio's "Super Carb" and BodyHealth's "Perfect Amino" powder. Chavez included photos of the products, claiming they were tested by a Utah lab.

This marks the first time Garcia has mentioned specific supplements in connection with the positive tests. Previously, he stated he had been taking ashwagandha, a legal supplement.

The New York State Athletic Commission, responsible for overseeing the fight, will determine potential penalties for Garcia, which could include a ban, a fine, and the overturning of his victory.

Unsealed Supplements Raise Questions

Questions surround the validity of Garcia's defense due to the way the supplements were tested. Doping expert Victor Conte highlights that the testing lab received unsealed containers, a method not typically used by anti-doping agencies. This irregularity could jeopardize the acceptance of the test results by the Commission.

While Conte acknowledges the credibility of the supplement distributors, NutraBio and BodyHealth, he emphasizes the importance of testing sealed products, ideally by a gold-standard lab like Oliver Catlin's BSCG.

Garcia Maintains Innocence

Despite the controversy, Garcia remains adamant about his innocence. He points to his history of clean drug tests throughout his career, including multiple negative tests leading up to the Haney fight. Garcia's team argues that the minuscule amount of Ostarine detected, along with a clean hair sample, further supports their claim of accidental contamination.

A press conference is planned for next week where Garcia and his legal team will "provide more insight and answer questions" regarding the situation.

The New York State Athletic Commission's decision on Garcia's case will significantly impact the outcome of his fight and potentially shape his future in professional boxing.


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