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Cris Cyborg Gives Insight into Holly Holm's Advantage Against Kayla Harrison at UFC 300

As UFC 300 approaches, all eyes are on the highly anticipated debut of Kayla Harrison, who is set to face former champion Holly Holm. Cris Cyborg, who has fought both fighters in the past and is currently training with Holm, believes that Holm's speed will be a deciding factor in the bout.'

Cris Cyborg

In a recent tweet, Cyborg shared her prediction, stating,

“I think Holly Holm’s hand speed and foot speed are going to be too much at the new weight. Kayla spent a lot of camp worried about taking muscle off when the problem is going to be speed."

Holm, a seasoned veteran in the sport, is known for her speed and technical prowess. With UFC 300 being touted as one of the most stacked cards of all time, this fight could be a make-or-break moment for Holm's title contention aspirations.

While Harrison is relatively new to the UFC, there is a lot of hype surrounding her debut. However, questions remain about how she will fare against a fighter of Holm's caliber. With Cyborg's insight into the matchup, fans are eager to see how the fight will unfold and whether Holm can secure a victory that could propel her back into the title picture.


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