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Cris Cyborg's Ambition Knows No Boundaries: Open to Epic Showdowns with Claressa Shields in Boxing and MMA

In the dynamic world of combat sports, where boundaries are constantly pushed, Cris Cyborg is setting the stage for a grand finale to her illustrious career. The former Bellator featherweight champion is not merely seeking fights; she's in pursuit of the biggest, most iconic showdowns possible. And at the top of her list is none other than boxing sensation Claressa Shields.

As Cyborg gears up for a six-round, 154-pound boxing match against Kelsey Wickstrum at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, the prospect of facing Shields, who recently named her as a dream MMA opponent, adds an extra layer of intrigue to her final chapter.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, Cyborg expressed her openness to the idea of a multi-faceted showdown with Shields. 

"I think it can be good. We can do one boxing and one MMA," Cyborg shared. "I think it'll be nice. I think the fans would like it. With much respect, Claressa is the GOAT in boxing. She's the best in boxing, but for me, it's nice."

The convergence of PFL and Bellator under the same umbrella opens up new possibilities, making cross-promotional fights like these a reality. Shields, with her return to the cage against Kelsey DeSantis at the inaugural PFL vs. Bellator event on Feb. 24 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, stands as a prime candidate for a historic matchup with Cyborg.

Cyborg, who has etched her name in the history books with titles in major MMA organizations, is focused on fights that will captivate fans' imaginations. Whether it's against Shields, Kayla Harrison, or Larissa Pacheco, Cyborg is driven by the desire to create moments that will live on in combat sports lore.

"For me, I want to complete 20 years fighting," Cyborg stated. "I'm going to be 19 now, and I want to be doing the biggest fights. If it's going to be in boxing or MMA, but I want to do the biggest fights in both."

As the clock ticks towards Cyborg's 20-year milestone, the prospect of a clash with Shields in both boxing and MMA adds an exciting twist to the narrative of two formidable athletes willing to test their skills in multiple realms. 


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