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Cris Cyborg says she would be willing to fight in BKFC

Cris Cyborg, one of the most dominant female fighters in mixed martial arts history, has recently expressed interest in testing her skills in the world of bare-knuckle boxing before she says goodbye to combat sports.

The Brazilian-born athlete, who currently holds the Bellator featherweight championship, has made it clear that she is open to the idea of competing in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and even wants to train with Mike Perry before making her debut.

Cris Cyborg is undoubtedly one of the all-time top female competitors in mixed martial arts. She has won titles in a number of prestigious organizations, and in recent years, she has only suffered a single loss to Amanda Nunes, who many people believe to be the greatest female fighter of all time.

She has also broadened her field of expertise by dabbling in professional boxing. The veteran looks to be capable of everything, and she is constantly eager to demonstrate this.

Whatever she's going to do next is still uncertain, but after witnessing BKFC over the weekend, it appears that the Brazilian might be considering switching.

“I think it would be fun [bare-knuckle boxing]. People know I like to finish my fights by punches. I know it’s different, a little bit. Maybe if I did boxing, did Muay Thai. I love the challenge, I love training, maybe I could train with Mike Perry and learn a couple of things.” I don’t know, it’s different, but for sure.”
“I’ve seen some of their stuff online – maybe, you know. Why not? Finish my career doing everything, finish it right!”

If Cyborg does make the transition to BKFC, she will be joining a rapidly growing sport that has gained popularity in recent years. Bare-knuckle boxing is a sport that requires fighters to rely on their technique and endurance, as the absence of gloves means that every punch can cause serious damage.

However, the sport has strict rules and regulations in place to ensure the safety of the fighters, and it has attracted many high-profile athletes who are looking for a new challenge. Luke Rockhold, Chad Mendes, and Eddie Alvarez recently made an appearance at BKFC with Conor McGregor there in attendees which generated a good number of sales.

Cyborg's desire to train with Mike Perry is also an interesting development. Perry is a former UFC welterweight fighter who has recently made his debut in BKFC in 2022 and maintains a record of 3-0. He has already shown his ability to adapt to the sport. Perry's aggressive style and knockout power make him a formidable opponent in the bare-knuckle arena, and his experience could be invaluable to Cyborg as she makes the transition.


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