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Cris Cyborg Steps into the Boxing Ring: A Preview of Her Clash with Widnelly Figueroa

Cris Cyborg steps up for another boxing match
Cris Cyborg

Cris Cyborg, renowned in the MMA world for her dominance, is ready to showcase her boxing skills as she gears up for a high-stakes bout against Widnelly Figueroa at Green Bay Fight Night on April 27, 2024. This eagerly anticipated matchup promises excitement and intrigue as Cyborg aims to continue her undefeated streak in professional boxing.

The stage is set for Cyborg's next combat sports appearance, and it's not within the confines of an MMA cage this time. Instead, Cyborg (3-0) will headline the main event at The Watering Hole in Green Bay, Wisconsin, facing off against Figueroa in a two-round boxing showdown. The fight, promoted by Roughhouse Promotions and Salomon Becerra, will see Cyborg stepping into the ring with 10-ounce gloves, contesting at 154 pounds.

Expressing her anticipation for the upcoming fight, Cyborg emphasized her dedication to honing her boxing skills and delivering thrilling performances for her fans. In a press release, Cyborg stated, 

“I want to prove to the people in Boxing that my KO power in MMA can translate into KO power with the bigger gloves... I’m looking to bring excitement to Women’s Boxing like I’ve done in WMMA.”

Cyborg's journey in professional boxing has been nothing short of impressive, with victories over Simone da Silva, Gabrielle Holloway, and Kelsey Wickstrum in her previous bouts. Now, she faces Figueroa, a tough opponent with a record of 0-2 but considerable experience in the ring.

With a win over Figueroa, Cyborg aims to continue her pursuit of a significant matchup against Cecilia Braekhus, the top-ranked super welterweight according to BoxRec. This bout signifies Cyborg's determination to make her mark in the boxing world, showcasing her versatility and skill across different combat sports disciplines.

While Cyborg's MMA career has also been illustrious, including recent victories like her first-round TKO of Cat Zingano at Bellator 300, her focus, for now, is on boxing and the challenges it presents. Despite her hopes for a champion vs. champion bout against Larissa Pacheco, the MMA landscape has yet to materialize such a matchup, prompting Cyborg to excel in the boxing realm.

As the countdown begins for Cyborg vs. Figueroa at Green Bay Fight Night, fans and enthusiasts alike eagerly await a thrilling spectacle, with Cyborg's power and precision poised to take center stage in the boxing ring.


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