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Dan Henderson Draws Comparisons Between Jon Jones and Lance Armstrong

 Former UFC fighter Dan Henderson drew parallels between Jon Jones, widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history, and controversial cycling figure Lance Armstrong. Henderson, who almost faced Jones in the Octagon before an injury intervened, shared his thoughts on Jones's legacy in mixed martial arts.

When asked about Jones's standing as the greatest of all time (GOAT) in MMA, Henderson expressed reservations.

"In my mind, yeah," Henderson responded. "It would be tough to [call Jones the GOAT], I mean, yeah, I mean, it'd be like calling Lance Armstrong and cycling... and Jon Jones tested positive more than once also."

Henderson's comparison to Lance Armstrong, who faced doping allegations during his cycling career, suggests that Jones's legacy is tainted by his multiple failed drug tests. Jones has been marred by controversies both inside and outside the cage, contributing to a polarizing perception of the fighter.

The discussion also touched on comparisons between Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva. Henderson acknowledged Adesanya's achievements but noted that Silva's impact in the sport was greater. He pointed out that while Adesanya had not tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs like Silva, Jones had tested positive on multiple occasions.

"It just put a checkmark on him, an asterisk, whatever you want to call it," Henderson remarked, alluding to the tarnished reputation that comes with failed drug tests in professional sports.

Henderson's remarks provide a candid perspective on the complexities of assessing fighters' legacies in MMA, highlighting the impact of doping scandals on athletes' reputations and the ongoing debate over the sport's greatest of all time.


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