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Dana White criticizes Francis Ngannou's deal with the PFL

Dana White blasted the Professional Fighters League (PFL) for signing former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. In the post fight press conference of Dern vs Hill, White expressed his dissatisfaction with the PFL, saying that it is "trying to be like Bellator," another MMA promotion. Ngannou elected to join with the PFL rather than extend his contract with the UFC once it expired, prompting White's anger.

White’s criticism of the PFL is not surprising, given that the UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world and has been known to be protective of its fighters.

The UFC has a reputation for being a tough negotiator when it comes to fighter contracts, and it is not uncommon for fighters to leave the promotion due to contract disputes.

The PFL, with its distinctive model of a season-long tournament leading up to a championship event, has been making headlines in the MMA world lately.

The company has also been successful in luring top talent from competing events, including former UFC and Bellator MMA competitors. The PFL scored a huge victory by signing Ngannou, who is largely regarded as one of the top heavyweights in MMA.


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