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Dana White has nothing but love for Nate Diaz after UFC 279

Following this weekend's pay-per-view main event with Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz decided to leave the UFC, UFC president Dana White says he will have nothing but admiration for the veteran.

One of the most popular UFC fighters, Diaz joined the team in 2007 and won the 16-man competition known as "The Ultimate Fighter 5". Since then, he has made 26 appearances for the promotion, including two illustrious fights with fellow superstar and former two-division champion Conor McGregor. He will also face Jorge Masvidal in 2019 for the specifically created "BMF" title.

Just prior to UFC 279, Diaz announced the formation of his own promotion Real Fight, Inc. where he plans to hold boxing matches, MMA fights, and even grappling competitions.

In addition to those plans, Diaz said he hopes to conquer other sports outside the UFC, with many believing a transition into boxing would be a natural fit, especially with lucrative fights against names like Jake Paul potentially awaiting him.

Diaz has always been a person who follows his own path, but despite the chaos of a wild fight week, which included a postponed press conference and rescheduled fights with only a day's notice, Diaz did his job at every turn and turned up to compete in the pay-per-view event at T-Mobile Arena, where he prevailed.

White is fully in support of whatever Diaz decides to do next for all of these reasons and many more. He said while talking to the media “ Listen, they’re both older guys that have been around here for a long time. It was what I expected,” White said.

“[Nate Diaz is] so durable and so tough. Literally, I don’t know if you guys have monitors or you can hear what’s going on, but we went into Tony’s corner that round and his corner for some reason told him to take [Diaz] down. [They] said, ‘Take him down.’ He was chopping that leg, kicking that front leg, obviously doing damage and his corner told him to take him down. Nate capitalized on that the minute he did it.”

He further added “He and I had this discussion months ago at the offices. Whatever he moves on to do, I wish him nothing but the best. If he’s starting his own organization or getting into promoting or doing something else, I wish him nothing but the best of luck. It’s been awesome having him here.”

It is obvious that Nate Diaz will be an instant star in any promotion he chooses to go. Let us know in the comments where you think Nate Diaz will be fighting next?


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