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Dana White: "I expect to see Conor fighting next year"

UFC CEO and President Dana White recently shared his perspective on Conor McGregor's recent challenges inside the Octagon. McGregor's status as the biggest star in mixed martial arts history is widely recognized.

Despite his inactivity in recent years, he remains a household name due to his past accomplishments. McGregor, a former two-weight world champion, has delivered remarkable performances in the cage.

However, after his losses to Dustin Poirier, questions arose about whether he retained his former prowess. Dana White, who has a close relationship with McGregor, provided insights on the Irishman's ascent to stardom and his future in a recent interview with Piers Morgan.

White disclosed, "He's back in the gym and he's training. I expect to see Conor fighting next year."

When questioned about whether McGregor's recent UFC losses might affect his ability to draw audiences, White offered the following perspective: "Piers, you're aware of this phenomenon, as I'm sure you've observed it in colleagues, friends, and people you know.

Once a person reaches a certain level of financial success, their hunger, work ethic, and dedication to their craft can change. Money has a profound impact. Conor McGregor has achieved a level of wealth that alters one's perspective."


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