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Dana White: "I would do anything for Joe Rogan"

Dana White, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has disclosed that Joe Rogan, the renowned commentator and podcast host, provided commentary for UFC events without compensation during the early stages of his UFC career. Rogan has become synonymous with the UFC, establishing himself as one of its most recognizable and respected voices over the years.

Dana White

Rogan's association with the UFC dates back to its formative years, and his enduring presence suggests he has no plans to step away from the commentary booth anytime soon. White highlighted Rogan's integral role in the UFC's growth, emphasizing their strong relationship.

In a recent podcast appearance, White recounted the origins of Rogan's involvement with the UFC, stating,

"Joe Rogan was talking about how bad ass UFC fighters were... I reached out to Rogan... and asked him if he would like to work for us and be a commentator."

During the UFC's early days, when the organization was struggling financially, Rogan volunteered his commentary services without charge. White explained,

"Joe Rogan did like the first 12 or 13 shows for free... Joe and I have been super close friends for a very long time. I would do anything for Joe Rogan."

White's revelation sheds light on Rogan's deep commitment to the UFC and his pivotal role in its growth and success. Rogan's passion for the sport and his dedication to providing insightful commentary have made him a beloved figure among UFC fans worldwide.


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