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Dana White named the CEO of UFC

In a major development, Dana White, the long-standing figurehead of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has seen a significant promotion in his role within the organization.

This transformation came to fruition on a notable Tuesday when Endeavor, the parent company of UFC, and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) successfully concluded their merger, ushering in a new era of joint ownership. A pivotal outcome of this union is the establishment of their own stock, a strategic move orchestrated by Ari Emanuel, who envisions a trajectory of exponential growth for both entities.

Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor and now also at the helm of TKO, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The creation of TKO marks an exciting new chapter for UFC and WWE as leaders in global sports and entertainment. Given their continued connectivity to the Endeavor network, we are confident in our ability to accelerate their respective growth and unlock long-term sustainable value for shareholders. With UFC and WWE under one roof, we will provide unrivaled experiences for more than a billion passionate fans worldwide."

Dana White, who had previously held the title of President, has now been promoted to the role of CEO. This promotion solidifies his influential position within the organization, further emphasizing his significance in the world of mixed martial arts.

It's important to note that this promotion is unlikely to alter White's familiar role as the public face of the UFC and the driving force behind its events. He will continue to spearhead promotional efforts and remain an integral part of the company's identity. Remarkably, Dana White's journey with the UFC dates back to 2001 when the company was acquired by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, making his ascent to CEO all the more noteworthy.

In a symbolic gesture, Dana White rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange on that momentous Tuesday, marking the commencement of public trading for the newly formed entity, TKO Group Holdings, Inc. This moment not only celebrated the union of UFC and WWE but also underscored the immense potential that lies ahead for these two sporting giants as they embark on this new collaborative venture.


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