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Dana White's Contender Series - season 5 : week 4

A new group of combatants will meet every week through the Dana White Container Series, all trying to reach the UFC. Episode 3 of DWCS shows five players winning their favored UFC contracts, including Gelatin Almeida, who defeated Nasruddin Nasrudinov in the second round.

DWCS introduces the biggest UFC prospects from around the world in a ten-episode season, with special scenes available every Tuesday evening on ESPN + for customers on the live streaming service. There will be about five matches in each episode.

Following Tuesday night's fights, the 135 pound players in the series have now won UFC contracts, including "Suga" Sean O'Malley, Ryan Spain, Messi "The Future" Barber, Johnny Walker and Marina Rodriguez, the first non-champions Included. Included in the history of UFC, a woman will lead several events in a calendar year.

September 21st will be the fourth event of the fifth season of the Dana White Contender series, with five fights

The details of which are as follows.

Hashim Arkha vs. AJ Dobson.

Michael Morales vs. Nikolai Vertenikov.

Steven N. Gavin vs. Theo Reliance.

Claidson Rodriguez vs. Santo Cratolo.

Jacob Rosales vs. Victor Martinez

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