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Dana White's Grand Vision: Uniting the Heavyweight Throne

In the tumultuous world of mixed martial arts, opportunities come and go, but the greatest champions are those who seize them when they arise. UFC CEO Dana White knows this better than anyone, and he has a grand vision for the heavyweight division that is bound to send shockwaves through the fighting community.

The long-anticipated showdown between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic was all set to take place at UFC 295, but fate had other plans. Jones, the legendary former light heavyweight champion, suffered an injury that sent ripples through the MMA world. The fight was canceled, but this is where the story takes an exciting turn.

Dana White, the man who knows how to keep the fans on the edge of their seats, is not about to let this epic battle slip away. He is determined to rebook the Jones vs. Miocic bout, and he has an ingenious plan in mind. In his own words, "It's one of those ones where if you know, you know."

What's this plan, you ask? Well, while Jones is healing, the UFC has organized an interim title fight between the up-and-coming stars, Sergei Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall. This explosive clash of talents will co-headline the event at Madison Square Garden on November 11, promising a thrilling night for fight fans.

White is crystal clear about his intentions. He believes it would be unjust to offer Miocic an interim title fight when he deserves a shot at the real thing. So, the winner of Pavlovich vs. Aspinall will have the honor of unifying their interim title with the winner of Jones vs. Miocic, once the latter is back in action.

The UFC supremo reaffirms his commitment to this vision:

"One hundred percent (the winner will have to wait for Jones vs. Miocic to happen). So, yeah, they're going to have to wait until this fight happens. This fight was set up; this fight needs to happen. Two of the biggest legends in the sport want the fight, (and) the fans want the fight."

But what if Jones and Miocic decide to hang up their gloves after their clash? White isn't perturbed. He would like the winner to keep the legacy alive by defending their title against the interim champ, stating,

"To be the man, you've got to beat the man. So whoever wins that fight, it would be nice to see them stick around and defend it. That we can't determine until it happens."

In the world of UFC, nothing is ever predictable, but one thing is for sure: Dana White's vision for the heavyweight division promises to be one of the most thrilling chapters in the history of MMA.


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