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Dana White Teases Conor McGregor's Imminent Return to the Octagon

Speculation surrounding Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC reached a fever pitch as UFC CEO Dana White hinted at an impending resolution regarding the former two-division champion's next fight during an Instagram Live chat on Wednesday.

McGregor, sidelined since a leg injury during his clash against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021, expressed frustration with the UFC, attributing his inactivity to the organization's failure to schedule his next bout.

In an intriguing development, White revealed insights from his recent conversation with McGregor, shedding light on the possibility of the Irish superstar's imminent octagon comeback.

“Conor and I spoke today,” White disclosed during the Live chat. “I’m in Abu Dhabi, he’s in Dubai. We discussed plans tonight. We'll sort something out soon. We’re in talks.”

While no specific opponent or event has been confirmed for McGregor's return, discussions have swirled around potential matchups, particularly a much-anticipated showdown against Michael Chandler following their stint as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 31. However, no official agreement has materialized thus far.

White, addressing queries about McGregor's involvement in UFC 300, refrained from confirming or denying the possibility. He tantalizingly hinted at forthcoming fight announcements for the landmark event while keeping the main event under wraps.

“UFC 300?” White responded coyly. “I've teased some fights. More UFC 300 updates are on the horizon this week. Patience, folks. There's a lot more coming. Except for the main event. That’s still in the works.”

As anticipation mounts for McGregor's return and the lineup for the monumental UFC 300 event, fight enthusiasts are on edge, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of matchups that promise to set the stage ablaze. 

Dana White's assurance of imminent fight announcements sparks fervent excitement among fans, all eagerly awaiting McGregor's triumphant return to the hallowed octagon.


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