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Dana White Uninterested in Signing Dillon Danis to UFC Despite Bellator Release

UFC CEO Dana White has signaled a lack of interest in signing Dillon Danis, who was recently released from his Bellator contract. Danis expressed immediate interest in joining the UFC following his release, banking on his potential drawing power and penchant for trash talk.

While Danis holds a modest 2-0 record in MMA and hasn't competed since 2019, his strong jiu-jitsu background and role as Conor McGregor's grappling coach keep him connected to the sport. Despite the potential appeal, White remains reluctant to bring Danis into the UFC fold.

In an appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Dana White expressed his reservations about signing Danis, citing concerns about potential disruptions and problems.

"Every time he's around, shit's going down. We can't have that stuff going on here," White stated. "A lot of people will see when guys get into it on stage or something starts to happen, they're like, 'Oh, they must love this or whatever.' No. No, we don't love it. We don't need that shit to sell fights. It's our job to keep that shit under control."

White's comments make it appear highly unlikely that Danis will secure a spot in the UFC, given the potential disturbances associated with his presence. However, White has reversed his stance on similar matters in the past, leaving room for speculation about the future.

In his brief MMA career, Danis boasts a 2-0 record, securing both wins via submission in Bellator. Notably, he also ventured into boxing against Logan Paul, resulting in a disqualification loss.


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