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Dana White: “We’re working on a show right now with Adam Sandler”

Plans for an impending behind-the-scenes documentary and a comedy production about the UFC have been made public by UFC president Dana White.

White spoke about McGregor Forever, the well-received Netflix documentary about Conor McGregor during an interview on The Pat McAfee Show. The organization is now working on its own documentary series, which is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Additionally, the group is working with comedian Adam Sandler on a project that will be humorous and focus on the MMA industry.

White said: “It’s not easy to just whip out a documentary and do it. But we’re doing a deal right now with Roku where we’re filming a documentary behind the scenes of the UFC, that will come out later this year. [It’s about] the whole business. You guys will see all the behind the scenes.”
“We’re working on that [documentary], we’re also working on a show right now with Adam Sandler that’s a comedy about working in the offices of the UFC."

White made the exciting announcement that Sandler and the UFC will collaborate on a comedy project in addition to the documentary. Despite the lack of information, it looks that Sandler's involvement could result in a scripted programme, perhaps a sitcom, that incorporates the world of the top MMA organisation.


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