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Daniel Cormier angry at judge after UFC Kansas City

UFC Kansas City provided some thrilling action. However, Daniel Cormier is dissatisfied with some of the judging displayed.

Cormier was calling the action from cageside at UFC Kansas City, where Max Holloway defeated Arnold Allen in the main event. The card, however, got off to a shaky start with the opening fight between Joselyne Edwards and Lucie Pudilova, in which Edwards received a decision win that many believed she didn't deserve.

In the heat of the moment, Daniel Cormier did not hesitate to express his displeasure with the judging decision in the Edwards vs. Pudilova fight. During the bouts, he tweeted about how bad the night would be if those early warning signs persisted.

Cormier would then follow up with a video on his YouTube channel after the event. The former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion turned pundit made it obvious that, as much as he admires Joselyne Edwards, he disagreed with the judges' assessment of the fight.

"Let's not even talk about (Joselyne Edwards vs Lucie Pudilova). Some of the absolute worst judging I have ever seen in my entire life," Cormier said. "I have nothing against Joselyne Edwards, but she won that fight. I don't know how she won that fight. She got beat, it is what it is."


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